How to Integrate with Salesforce

Step 1: Go to the "Promote and Manage" section of your webinar page. Then, find "Salesforce" in the integrations section and click on it. Next, click “Authorize with Salesforce here”.

Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_1.36.51_PM.pngStep 2: Log in to your Salesforce account:



Step 3: Allow access to BigMarker's Salesforce application.


Step 4: After clicking the "allow" button you will be redirected back to BigMarker. Here, you can invite or register members of a Salesforce campaign to your webinar. Webinar registrants and attendees can also be added back to a Salesforce campaign with the appropriate status.

Step 5: If you would like to invite contacts from a Salesforce campaign, select a campaign under “Salesforce Campaign for Invitations”. Then, create a name for the list on BigMarker. Click on “Import Salesforce Campaign for Invitations” to create the invite list. The list will be available to use on the “Send Email Invitations” page.

Step 6: To register the contacts from a Salesforce campaign to your webinar, select an option under “Salesforce Campaign”. Once a campaign is selected, click “Register Salesforce Campaign” to add those contacts as registrants in your webinar.

Step 7: If you want webinar registrants and attendees to be added to a Salesforce campaign, select an option under “Salesforce Campaign”. If you want webinar registrants to be added to your campaign automatically, check the box labelled “Add New Registrants Automatically”. If you want to export current webinar registrants to your campaign, click “Export Conference Registrants”.

Step 8: To differentiate between registrants and attendees on your Salesforce campaign, use this guide to define additional member status values. Add the statuses “Attended” and “Registered” to your campaign. Campaign members will then have their statuses show up accordingly.


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