How to Use Desktop Sharing (screen sharing)

To share your screen you must be a presenter in the room and also be on Chrome. You cannot share your screen on Firefox. 

1. Load Google Chrome.

2. Enter your web conference.

3. click "Start Screen Sharing." You may be prompted to install our Chrome Applet.

5. Select the application or screen you would like to share.

6. What you share will publish in the presentation area for attendees. You will see:



1. We highly suggest that you use a second monitor when sharing your screen. This makes it much easier for you as a presenter. It's by far the best way to host and share your screen.

2. If you don't have a second monitor, select to share an application instead of Screen 1. It will be easier to share.

Webinar experts share the specific application or web browser window when sharing their screen.

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