How Can I Improve The Look of My PowerPoint Presentation?

Our conference room converts PowerPoints to PDFs. Although you can upload PPTs directly, sometimes special effects, animation or fonts may lose their formatting during the conversion porcess. We suggest saving PowerPoints as PDFs before your webinar. PowerPoints and presentation file size limit is 100MB. Anything larger may take longer to upload or not upload at all. 

You can also use the BigMarker PowerPoint Uploader.

Furthermore, we suggest testing your presentation before the day of your conference to see how it will appear in the webinar. This will give you enough time to do some edits if necessary. If you like, you can also share your screen to share the PowerPoint application directly from your desktop

Furthermore, when uploading a presentation or file, increasing the font size helps for attendee clarity. Here is an example of how different font sizes will appear in the room. Anything less than 12 point will be difficult to read. 


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