What is the webinar Live Page?

Your Live Page is the landing page for your webinar. Both attendees and presenters can access this page at any time. See below for a list of the things attendees and presenters can do on their webinar Live Page.


  • Register (sign up & sign in) for the webinar
  • Enter the webinar 
  • Watch the recording after the webinar
  • Contact the presenter 


  • Edit webinar details (description, agenda, title, date & time, delete etc.)
  • Add presenters, promote, invite guests, and design the webinar
  • Enter the webinar 
  • Download and watch the recording once the webinar is over
  • Post messages and announcements to the registrants and attendees

Webinar page for presenter and host when logged in:



Webinar page for those with a BigMarker account (but not registered) when logged in: 


Webinar page when not a BigMarker member or logged into your BigMarker account:



More info for Presenters and Hosts:

Webinar presenters & hosts as well as Channel organizers can see different views of the webinar page by clicking on the Design tab located on the page. To see what the webinar page looks like for those registering, while the webinar is happening, or when the webinar is over, click the Design tab:

The recording will post on this same page after the webinar is over and the recording has processed. 

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