What's a Channel?

A BigMarker Channel is where admins, organizers, hosts, and attendees can engage each other between web conferences, webinars, classes, or other gatherings and events. So whether you are organizing an upcoming webinar, have past recordings stored, or plan on attending an upcoming meeting, the BigMarker Channel is the space to connect and interact with all those involved. 

  • Your group or organization's web conferencing hub to organize and engage presenters and attendees in between webinars
  • Keep the conversation going with group announcements or private messages
  • Locate all upcoming and recorded webinars in the conferences section
  • Poll your group and discuss upcoming topics and speakers
  • Edit member and presenter privileges and group privacy settings
  • Set-up monthly dues for exclusive sessions or premium content
  • Much more

To learn more visit "What Are My Channel's Features?"

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