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This quick guide will take you through all the steps you need to host a webinar on BigMarker.

IMPORTANT: Please test your system and review our System Requirements Check List before hosting any webinar or web event.  



  1. Log in or sign up for a BigMarker account. 
  1. In the upper right-hand corner of the website, near your profile image, click the green Schedule button.
Image of schedule button
  1. Fill out your webinar details on the pop-up screen. 

  1. Click Schedule. Now your webinar is scheduled. You will receive a confirmation email with important information. Save this email. 



After scheduling your BigMarker webinar, you'll be able to EDIT, DESIGN, PROMOTE/MANAGE, and ENTER your webinar from this page.


EDIT EVENT: To edit your event details, click the edit tab to explore all the webinar's features and settings.

Edit page view

DESIGN EVENT: To add images and branding to your landing page and your live event, click the design tab.

Design page view


PROMOTE & MANAGE EVENT: To send invitations, import contacts, promote, manage registrations, upgrade your plan, access analytics and other advanced features, click the promote and manage tab.

Promote & manage page view

EVENT LIVE PAGE: To access your event landing page click the live page tab. This is the page people will see when they come to register for and attend your live webinar. This is also where your recording will post if you recorded your webinar.

Live page view




As a host, you'll be able to enter your webinar 60 minutes before it starts. Use the steps listed below to enter your webinar.

  1. Access your webinar live page: Use the personalized link sent to you via email or log into your BigMarker account to access your webinar live page. View the video tutorial here.
  2. System requirements: Enter the page on Google Chrome (must use Chrome if you are screen sharing) or Firefox and make sure to quit any other video application (like Skype) running on your computer. View the full system requirements here.
  3. Click Enter WebinarRefresh page if you do not see the button. If you still do not see this button, make sure you are on your event Live Page. 


     4. After you enter you will see the test page. Use the toggles to turn on your mic and webcam. Use the drop downs to select your mic and webcam. Your webcam and mic will not publish until you turn them on and click Continue to event.

 Test page view



Once you enter your webinar, the event is "live". This means that anything that you share (i.e. webcam, mic, presentation slides, videos, etc.) will be visible/audible to your audience (if anyone is in the room). We highly recommend testing your mic/camera/presentation etc. before your audience enters the room. 

Presenter's view inside the webinar room


  • Recording your webinar: You must click the Record tab in your host control panel and then the Start Recording button to record the webinar.
  • Enabling attendee mics/cams: The default settings for attendee mics and webcams is off. To allow them to share their mics/webcams you must to enable them. You cannot turn their mic or camera on for them, you can only enable their ability to share them. 


Your recording will post to your webinar live page. You will be alerted by email when the recording is available. 



Before the webinar it is important to review all of our system requirements and video guides to ensure the best possible experience in the BigMarker webinar room.

  • TEST, TEST then TEST again!!! Make sure you and your other presenters test the system at least a day BEFORE your event. Click here to open a test room, or schedule one like you would a regular webinar. 
  • If you are planning on attending from a school, large corporation, or religious institution, make sure you are not behind a Firewall, or open the necessary ports if you are. 
  • Update your Web Browser: Chrome or Firefox. (You must be on Chrome to screen share).

  • Test your speed: High-Speed Internet Connection: A consistent high-speed connection with speeds of 2 mbps+ is required(15 mbps is optimum if you will be sharing your screen, video or presentation). Test your speed. If possible, a wired connection is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference.

  • To share your screen, you will need to download our Chrome Applet before the webinar begins. 
  •  If possible, a wired connection is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference. 
  • To increase your bandwidth, close all programs and applications not being used in your webinar. 



If you have any questions, please email 



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