Webinar Room Overview

Webinar room overview


** Click on the attached image at the bottom of this article for a larger view of this image. 



 Share microphone or webcam 

Click on the mic or webcam icons.





Share screen

On Chrome (you must be on Chrome to share your screen), click this to start sharing your screen. Choose an open tab, window or application (PowerPoint) to share. We recommend using a second monitor if you are going to use screen share frequently. Otherwise you may need to minimize a window or tab to see the webinar room while sharing. 


Share file

Upload your presentations, documents, and images. Anyone who is a presenter will have access to the file, the slide area and whiteboard. We recommend saving the file as a PDF, and not going over 20MB in size. You can open a whiteboard here as well.  


Share YouTube videos

Copy and paste Public YouTube videos (URLs) into this sections. Switch between uploaded/queued videos.


Presentation area

This is where your shared items ((Files, Screen, YouTube Videos, Webcams) publish. You can access the whiteboard features by uploading a presentation or a new white board. 

White board and slide tools appear when you scroll over the presentation area


Public chat and private chat

Message everyone in the webinar or just a specific person. You can disable public chat as well. 

Public Chat

Private Chat


Host and Presenter Control Panel

Attendee Chat

As discussed above, you can disable public chat. Doing this does not disable the ability for attendees to private chat presenters. It only disables there ability to chat in the main chat area (for others to see).


 Public chat enabled view (attendee on the left, presenter on the right)


 Public chat disabled view (attendee view on the left, presenter view on the right)


Attendee Mics and Cams

Enabling attendees' microphone and camera privileges allow the attendees to share both, but it will not turn them on for them. Attendees must click the corresponding buttons that appear in the webinar room. When entering the room the default status of attendee mic and camera privileges is turned off. You will need to enable their ability if you want them to share. You can do so for EVERYONE or INDIVIDUALS

Microphone and camera privileges enabled for everyone by presenter


Once enabled by a presenter, attendees must click their own mic or camera buttons


Specific individual microphones and cameras can also be selected


Attendee given presenter controls

As the predetermined host or presenter, you have the ability to give presenter controls to any attendee in the room. This will allow them to share their mic and camera, upload a presentation or YouTube video, as well as share their screen. Just click on the star icon next to the attendee's name in the host control panel.



Edit the Presenter and Attendee Roles & Permissions. Record the session (everything is recorded in the conference). And even End Webinar or Meeting.


In the presenter panel, click "Record". 

Click "Record Conference". When you are done recording, click "End Recording".

End the web conference

In the presenter panel, click "End Conference or Webinar". 


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