Do you offer live webinar support?

For day-to-day support:

We are online during business hours 9am-5pm CST (US & Canada).

You can instant chat with support by clicking the "Need help" tab located in the lower left hand corner of the website: 

You can always EMAIL us as well: Make sure to include the name and URL of the webinar you need help with. 


For Expert Priority Support follow these steps: 

1. To add priority support for a particular webinar, go to your webinar details page.

2. Click "Promote & Manage."

3. On the left side of the screen, click "Get Expert Help."

4. Click "Yes."

5. A BigMarker webinar expert will assist you with all aspects of your webinar. From getting your presenters registered, to helping you invite your contact list, to leading a practice webinar to show you and your team the ins-and-outs of executing your event smoothly. The one time cost for this level of support is $75. 


Please keep in mind both Elite and Summit plans offer offer priority support.






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