How do I use the public and private chat?

Public chat and private chat

Message everyone in the webinar or just a specific person. Presenters can disable public chat as well. 

1. Make sure you are in the webinar room.

2. In the Chat tab, you can click to add your message at the bottom.

3. Type your message. Hit Post or Return on your keyboard. Now, you're chatting! 

4. Click the emoticons next to the post button to raise your hand, give a thumbs up, or a smiley face. 

5. To chat with individuals (privately), click the People Tab. Then select who you would like to chat with.

6. In the chat and if you are a presenter, you can delete chats by clicking on the X in each chat bubble. 


Public chat (everyone in the room can see the post)



Private Chat (only those chatted to can see the post, still enabled when Public Chat is disabled)



Deleting a chat (click the x below the post)



Host and Presenter Control Panel

Chat Views and Privileges

As discussed above, you can disable public chat. Doing this does not disable the ability for attendees to private chat presenters. It only disables there ability to chat in the main chat area (for others to see).


 Public chat enabled view (attendee on the left, presenter on the right)


 Public chat disabled view (attendee view on the left, presenter view on the right)

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