It's best, but not necessary, to have both a microphone & webcam. Test both here.

To use BigMarker, you probably do not need to buy anything new. The community only needs a web browser, which means that you can access it on a tablet, smart phone, or computer. To share your audio and video in a web conference or webinar, you need to have a webcam and microphone. If your computer is under five years old, it most likely has a built in webcam and microphone. If this is true, give the Demo Room a spin with a friend and ask them how your audio and video quality are. You can also test your camera here and test both your camera and mic here. 

If your computer does not have a webcam or microphone, no worries. You can still join the web conference or webinar, and you can participate by using the chat panel. However, if you want to chat face-to-face, you will need to purchase a webcam and or microphone.

One other quick note, if you are using a laptop, you should check how close your microphone and speakers are. On some older laptops, they built them right next to each other (bad idea!), and this may cause feedback. If this is happening to you, a headset will completely solve this problem.

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