Sending email invites for your event or webinar

There are a few ways on BigMarker to share with and invite people to your event or webinar.  


Share the URL (send in your personal newsletter or email)

At the most basic, you can copy and paste the webinar page link (URL) into an email, social media page, newsletter, website or blog. Understand when copy and paste the URL and use your own email system or email account, people will not receive reminders via BigMarker until they sign up. Also, only share the link from the webinar page, not your personal link in the confirmation email. Make sure to send our attendee guide and system requirements with any email sent.  



Invite people with BigMarker's internal system

There are a couple of ways to invite using BigMarker's system. Including inviting those that have subscribed to your channel and your personal contacts. Using our system insures they will also receive reminder emails and personalized links to your event. 

1. Go to the Live Page


2. Click either Email or Invite People

3. Choose to type emails, upload and invite contacts, and invite channel subscribers


 Clicking the Email button

 Clicking the Invite People button


4. You can also click Promote & Manage and Send Email Contacts

5. After you have clicked Send, you can visit the Invite List to see who was invited, opened & clicked the invitation and who has registered. 

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