How do I transfer my money?

1. Go to your channel.

2. In the navigation bar, click Settings. (You must be an organizer to see this button.)

3. Click Treasury.

4. Make sure your PayPal account has been connected.

5. If you have more than $20.00 in your account, you will see a Transfer Funds button. Click that button, and your transfer will be reviewed by the BigMarker team.

NOTE: There is a 13% transaction fee for every ticket sold on BigMarker. So if your ticket sells for $100, you net $87.00. Keep this in mind when pricing your event. 

Funds are available for withdrawal out of BigMarker after 14 days of completion of the your event. The minimum transfer amount is $20.00(USD). To transfer funds out, you must have a PayPal account. PayPal charges $1.00 for each with withdraw.  

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