How do I enable my attendees microphones and cameras?

1. Inside the Presenter Control Panel, you can see who does or does not have the ability to share their webcams or mics.

2. To allow all attendees to share their webcams or mics, click the Attendee Mic (or Cam+Mic) Disabled/Enabled Lock.

3. To allow an individual to share their webcam or mic, click on the Mic or Webcam icon next to their name.

4. You will need to tell members to share their mics or webcams. (It will not auto-turn on for them.)

5. To disable mics or webcams, just reverse the process. Turn on to off.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enabling the mics allows attendees and guests the ability to turn them on, it doesn't directly turn them on. Attendees will still have to click the On/Off buttons. 



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