Test Your Internet Speed (minimum of 2Mbps to attend, optimum 15Mbps to host)

Test your internet speed here Click Start Test and nothing else

The minimum download and upload speed to join the room without interruption is 2Mbps. If you fail to meet the minimum requirements you may experience technical difficulties in the room including losing connection and poor audio and video. If you fail to reach these minimum requirements please read our help article. 

The optimum speed for hosts and attendees who want to share microphones, web cams, desk tops, and presentations is 15Mbps+. If possible, a wired connection is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference. 

What the Start Test speed test page should look like:

What the test results should look like: 

If you'd like to share the results with support, click the share button, then copy and paste the URL results and email them to 


Please click here to learn more about your results and what they mean.


Please note: that if you are using a DSL modem with a slow uplink, a 3G wireless modem, a network with some types of proxies/firewalls, or a lower speed connection, your webinar experience and quality may suffer.




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