How do I create a new channel?

When you set up a BigMarker account you automatically set up a channel. Your channel is the place where your webinars are hosted and stored on BigMarker. You can also build a community around your webinar activities within your channel using the bulletin, members, and calendar features. 

If you need more than one channel, you can set up multiple channels on BigMarker very easily. Please note that each channel is a completely separate space for hosting and storing webinars. Each channel is billed separately.   

If you'd like to create a new channel follow the steps below:


1. Log in to your BigMarker account. Then click New Channel on the lefthand side of the page. 



2. Fill out the details on in the pop-up



3. Next, your new channel will be ready to go. Now, you can customize your banner/logo images, add content, invite new members, and set up new webinars. 



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