How do I use the Connection Test?

Inside the webinar room, you can see what your how your connection speed is. As soon as a mic, webcam, or screen is shared, you will be able to see if your connect is good or may have issues. It's always recommended that you do a speed test prior to hosting or attending a webinar on BigMarker. 


There are three connection states:


You are good to go! You can share everything with confidence.


Your Internet is at medium, and you may experience some issues. If you are a presenter, we suggest not sharing your video and screen sharing at the same time. Select Mic only. This will ensure that your screen sharing is good quality.


Your Internet is slow, and you will most likely have connection issues. If you are a presenter, we suggest only sharing your audio and uploaded presentations. If you share your video, it will most likely appear pixilated to your attendees.


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