How do I use the Host Control Panel?

Here is a walk through video covering the host control panel: 

1. Make sure that you are a Presenter in the Webinar Room. Only Presenters see the Control Panel.  

2. The Host Control Panel will be to the far right side of the page.

Audience tab

On this tab, you have access to the Audience/Attendee Permissions:

  • Enable or disable if attendees can see the other attendees names
  • Enable or disable Public Chat, allowing Attendees to Chat
  • Enable or disable Attendee mic access
  • Enable or disable Attendee cam+ mic access
  • Block or unblock individual cam + mic access (near the attendee name)

Record tab

On this tab, you can record your webinar. You cannot pause a recording. If you forget to stop the recording, the recording will stop once the webinar time runs out or someone clicks "End Webinar."

Advanced tab

On this tab, you can broadcast in HD. In the future, all webinars will automatically display in HD. On this tab you can enable or disable the Twitter function in the room. 

Get help and end webinar buttons


Clicking the Get Help button will taking you to the BigMarker Help Center to help you troubleshoot, ask general questions or review the system requirements. Clicking the End Webinar button will immediately end the webinar (regardless of the time left) and remove everyone else in the room. You will be asked if you are sure:


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