When do registrants and invitees receive email reminders for my webinar?

After someone registers for a webinar, they automatically receive an email notification with a personalized link to the webinar page. Registrants also receive reminder emails leading up to the live event. See below for a break-down of these automated emails:

Registration emails:

  1. Confirmation email: Sent immediately after registration 
  2. Reminder email: Sent 24 hours before webinar
  3. "Webinar open"/"Enter now" email: Sent 30 minutes before webinar start time.

All emails will include links to attend and System Requirements.


BigMarker also sends reminder emails to people who were invited to attend, but have not registered. See below for a break-down of these automated emails:

Invite reminders:

  1. Initial invite
  2. 24 Hours after invite reminder
  3. 24 Hours before webinar start reminder

All invite reminders funnel potential attendees back to your webinar page.



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