What is a BigMarker Channel?

Between workshops, webinars, classes, Q & A's or other online events, Channels keep hosts, presenters and subscribers connected and informed.
Everyone In One Place
Your Channel is a hub, where your audience, future events, and past recordings can be found.
Keep The Conversation Going
Answer follow up questions, encourage collaboration, and engage your audience between live gatherings.
Recordings At Your Fingertips
Your Channel becomes a powerful repository of recorded content from past online meet-ups, webinars, classes, etc.
Plan Future Online Events
Poll your audience, start a discussion, or brainstorm ideas for future sessions.
Public, Private, or Invisible
Choose to make your Channel public, private, or invisible so they are open to the right audiences for their topic or purpose.
Collect Monthly Payments
Monetize public, private and invisible Channels by implementing monthly dues -- a good way to provide exclusive, premium content over time.


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