How to give a free ticket to people who share on social media

A great way to make your event go viral is to allow people to enter for free if they share the event on social media. The more people share, the more free and paid people register. 

Here's how to allow people to enter a ticketed event for free by sharing:

  1. Go to the Sell Tickets section under the Event Edit page.
  2. Click the Paid Tickets button.
  3. Choose your price (we would recommend a lower amount, like $5.00)
  4. Choose the Share to Attend for Free option. 
  5. Choose the number of free tickets available. 
  6. Confirm attendees screen shots under the promote manage section of the details page. 





How attendees share and register for free

Here is the attendee (logged out) view once your event is live



To enter for free they must:

  1. Log in to their BigMarker account. If not they don't have an account, just continue with the next steps. 
  2. Click the FREE TICKET button as shown above. 
  3. Choose to share on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
  4. Take a screen shot of the post. 
  5. If the attendee doesn't have an account, it will ask them to claim their ticket


Choose the platform



Share it, then take a screen shot


Upload the screen shot


Claim the ticket, or confirm their registration if they already have a BigMarker account


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