Using Dial-in (Beta)

You can now add Dial-in (Beta) to your webinars. This will allow people to dial-in to your webinar on the phone.

Dial-in is a Beta feature. While the feature is in Beta, it will be FREE for all of our pro accounts. Simply turn it on, and your attendees will be able to dial-in.

Note, Dial-in is LISTEN ONLY. People Dialing-in will not be able to talk.


First, go to your event page, and then click EDIT. Scroll down to the DIAL-IN section, and click to enable dial-in.

Then make sure to save the settings. The dial-in instructions will then appear on your event page.


Go to the event page. Scroll down to the ABOUT section. Dial the number. You will then be prompted to add the Event-ID followed by the # sign. Then you will be prompted to add the Passcode followed by the # sign.

If you are on a cell phone, you can just go to the conference page in your browser and click the phone number. It's a specific link, and it will dial everything you need!

If the event has not opened, you will be blocked from dialing-in.



Dial-In attendees show up as phone numbers. Only ADMINS can see these numbers. Right now, ADMINS do not have access to downloading these phone numbers at a later time.



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