Creating a 24/7 Room (Or an Always Open Conference)

If you have a Pro-Channel, you are able to create a BigMarker room that is ALWAYS OPEN. It's literally open 24/7.

1. To create a 24/7 Room, Schedule an Event.

2. Under EDIT, scroll down to the conference time and select ALWAYS OPEN.


3. That will turn your event in a 24/7 Room.

4. It will automatically turn Private (24/7 Rooms cannot be Public).

5. Automatically, Registration Required will be turned on. Your guest will need to register to enter the event. You can turn it off.

5. Make sure to hit Save Changes when you are done.

6. On the event page, you will be able to enter your 24/7 Room immediately. You can treat it just like any other event on BigMarker. Send invitations, set up presenters, etc.

The only things you cannot do:

  • Enable Dial-in
  • Record
  • Make the room public

Lastly, only Pro-Channels are able to create a a 24/7 Room. You can upgrade your channel here:


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