How to upgrade or downgrade my subscription channel or account

Upgrade or downgrade my community subscription


1. Login to your BigMarker personal account.

2. From your personal home page, choose the community you would like to upgrade, downgrade or close.



3. Then click the “Settings” option within the community.

4. Then choose the “Subscription & Billing” option.




5. From there, you can either upgrade or downgrade the community subscription plan or close the community.*

*If they’re are other organizers in the community you’ll need to remove them as organizers to close the community. If there are other members, you can assign them as organizers or close the community. 


Close my BigMarker Account


1. Login to your BigMarker personal account.

2. Go to your personal profile section in the upper right hand corner of the website.




3. Choose “Settings.”

4. Then click “Close account.”*



5. You may also contact BigMarker support to close your account for you.

*If you are the sole organizer of a community, you’ll need to close the community or assign another member as the organizer in order to close your personal account. 

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