How to Integrate with HubSpot

Use BigMarker’s integration capability with HubSpot to easily export webinar registrations to a contacts list. You can also import contacts from your HubSpot list as webinar registrants. Here’s how to get started:

 1. Once you are logged into your HubSpot account, follow this link:

 2. Click on View Key and copy the value shown.

3. On BigMarker, click the Promote & Manage on your webinar page. Then click on HubSpot under Integrations.

4. Enter your key under HubSpot API Key. If you want to set this key as the default key for new webinars in the same channel, check the box labeled Set as Default Key?

5. If you would like to invite contacts from a Hubspot list, select a list under “Hubspot List for Invitations”. Then, create a name for the list on BigMarker. Click on “Import Hubspot List for Invitations” to create the invite list. The list will be available to use on the “Send Email Invitations” page.

6. To register the contacts on a Hubspot list to your webinar, select an option under “Hubspot List for Registrants”. Once a list of contacts is selected, click “Register Hubspot List” to add those contacts as registrants in your webinar.

7. To add new webinar registrants to a Hubspot list, select a list under “Hubspot List for Registrants”.  If you want new Hubspot list members to be registered to your webinar automatically, check the box labelled “Check for Group Updates?” If you want new webinar registrants to be automatically added to your Hubspot list, check the box labelled “Add New Registrants Automatically?” Click “Export Conference Registrants” to export webinar registrants to the HubSpot list selected.



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